Girls and Boys Town

Boys Town was formerly known as Girls and Boys Town and even before that it was known as Father Flanagan's Boy's Home. It is a non-profit organization that aims to care for children and their families. This organization began as a boy's orphanage that was started by Father Flanagan, a Roman Catholic priest working in Omaha. The place was opened in December 1917. The City of little Men showed the way for juvenile care methods and social preparation and this became a model for many other organizations to follow.

Boys Town today is a national leader in the manner in which children and their families need to be treated and handled in the case of behavioral, emotional and physical problems. The current child care system has learnt a lot from the ways and methods that are followed by this organization. The organization has branches across 13 locations in the United States and these include California, Nevada, Nebraska, Texas, Chicago, Iowa, Louisiana, North Florida, Central Florida, Washington D.C., New York and New England.

Boys Town believes that they have the knowledge to heal children who have suffered in some manner or another. They provide integrated continuous care that is based on research and experience. The organization helps parents understand their children better so that they can discipline, nurture and teach their children in a better manner. They offer parenting tips, articles and other resources that allow parents to understand the manner in which the mind of a child works.

The organization also organizes workshops and training sessions for educators. There are many schools that the institute has turned around based on the specific methods that they follow. The education model is based on the Buys Town Model that has five basic elements - teaching life changing skills, building healthy familial relationships, empowering children to make good decisions, caring in a family style environment and supporting children and families in religious practices.


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