Purpose of the Girls and Boys Town

The chief aim of Boys Town is to change the manner in which America cares for children, families and communities. They believe in providing and promoting an Integrated Continuum of Care that brings strength to the body, mind and spirit.

The organization believes in providing research based solutions to emotional, behavioral and physical problems that the children face today. Towards this goal the organization has a Boys Town National research Institute. The continuous research that is conducted here helps the practitioners in the organization to improve the work that they have been doing at the center. The research center uses applied research that helps understand the problem in a better way and with greater insight. Research has also proven that Boys Town's boys become productive citizens and therefore give back to the community what they have taken from it too.

The proprietary Boys Town Model is a set of principles and values that defines the approach that the organization has towards child development. The elements of the model that have been detailed have been proven to bring about significant and long lasting results. This is a model that has been created to ensure that the children are always safe and that they get better each day. It also ensures that they are nurtured and cared for and respected as individuals. The model is so concrete and detailed that it can also be applied by any other organizations to obtain similar results.

The five main elements of the model include aspects that help in teaching some life changing skills to the children. These could include self-sufficiency skills that help them become independent people. The organization also believes in ensuring that children and their families create better and long lasting bonds. They teach their children the values that are required to make the right decisions as the world throws challenges at them and to become respectful citizens of the world.


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